Why does my mesh have black patches on them?

I’m getting black patches on my mesh, It doesn’t have overlapping UVs and I have built the lighting. Not sure why this is happening. The mesh next to it is the same mesh without the sink. The only difference is the one mesh was made in Blender by me (edited the original and didnt mess with UVs) and the other was part of pixel poly’s Post Apocalyptic World pack on the market place and Im guessing was made in maya or max. Any adea how to fix this?

Also I cannot afford Maya or 3DS Max so I cant try them.

Did you make your texture in blender for export or an outside program like photoshop?

The textures were made by pixelpoly so Im not sure

Hello UNREAL-Danny,

Would you provide some screenshots illustrating this issue as well as a list of reproduction steps?

Thank you,

All I did was take the sink from Scifi Bunk example and the put it on the cupboard after deleating a few faces in blender and exporting it out. When I build lighting I dont get an overlapping UV error.

From your screenshot this appears to be an issue withe either Z-Fighting or possibly an issue with which way your normals are facing.

In Blender please be sure to check and see which way the normals on the faces in question are pointed. Also make sure there is not geometry that is against any of the drawers.

After deleting the faces did you recreate your UV maps? If not it may be trying to use the old UV map which has your original faces.

Faces are fine and nothing is against the drawer and the UVs aren’t overlapping. Could it be the fbx importer? I know it cant import bones correctly but not sure how it handles static meshes.

Ok, would you mind linking a copy of the .fbx in question so that I may take a closer look at it?

What are the rules for this? Because the asset is part of a pack that I bought on the marketplace and modified. I don’t think I’m aloud to distribute it.

I am an EPIC Staff member that works closely with the marketplace team. You can share this asset with me in order for me to troubleshoot what may be causing the black areas on your mesh/texture.

If you do not feel comfortable sharing on AnswerHub you can send me a private message on the Forums. To do this, go to the forums and click on the Advanced Search. From there you can type in my name in the User Name search area. You can then choose to send me a private message with your .uproject and your " Content " and " Config " folders from your projects directory. I want to be sure I have your native files as to not cause discrepancies between a project I have made and the one you are having this issue in.

I’ve decided to make the mesh from scratch, if I still have issues I’ll message you on the forums.

Thanks for the help though.