Why does my materials (especially shiny ones) render so noisy?

I’ve noticed that many of my materials render in very poor quality, especially if they are reflective and even more if the camera is far away. Material quality is set to high and everything in epic.
By the way, there are materials in the xoio_berlinflat free scene that doesn’t show this problem, so I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
Oh, just in case, in my texture mipValue mode is set to none (use computed mip level) and sampler source is set to from texture asset and const mip value is set to -1.
I appreciate any help! Thanks!

Hey Xavi367,

This appears to be a ‘Temporal AA’ and ‘Screen Space Reflection’ issue.

  • Would you mind providing me with the Material Editor graph of the refrigerator material you are using?
  • Try changing your Anti-Aliasing mode to ‘FXAA’ to ‘Temporal AA’ and see if you are still having issues?

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