Why does my material stretch beyond mesh borders?


I am new to Unreal and have been learning diligently using Plural Tutor videos and reading the free Documentation from Epic. I can add any image i want to a “Plane” and the image is perfectly centered on the plane. One thing that has baffled me however, is I also have a flag in my level. When i apply the same image to the flag, it becomes non-centered on the flag and the image cut off. (See images attached).

If you look at my example screengrab, the Alien (i won’t be using this in final build due to copyright) image is not centered or scaled to fit rather, on the flag. The bottom of the texture that says “Alien” in Red, is cut off. Yet the second example shows the UE4 Logo perfectly on the flag.!

The difference between both textures that i can see is in their respective preview boxes. The UE4 texture has a black space in it, yet my image does not.

Can someone help me please?

Many thanks in advance!

Can you refresh the unreal image, it’s not showing correctly…

Done, thanks

Yes, I think it is to do with UVs as AA says below. You can see the difference in your textures, they are not the same size, so they wont display in the same way on the flag unless you manipulate the UVs.

Thanks AAriyAA, I normally do see the same options when opening my static meshes but i think it is a Skeletal Mesh, as it has some physics applied to it.

Hope i’m making sense here to you. Should i start by making a flag that is simply a static mesh, then follow your previous advice on checking the UV?

you must check the UV mapping of your model in your case flag.

for more info :

Open your static mesh in ue4 editor and check UV :

Ok many, MANY thanks for taking time to answer me. This puts me in the right direction.

this tutorial will help you to do it without UV mapping:

but I suggest use third applications like 3ds Max, Maya or Blender to fix your UV, this way your project will be cleaner and soon or later you will need UV mapping for your other models.

there are applications like UVLayout which are made for doing the specific task of UV mapping.

plz if this answer solve your problem mark it as the answer.

Thanks a million AAriyAA! Looks like i need to invest in Maya which looks awesome. Your right about needing to use UV mapping sooner or later, my project is starting to become quite complex, so thank you for the heads up. I will check out UVlayout also.

For those newbies like me who come across this thread, i think it is good to know what “UV” means and the best place i can find that explains that is the official Unreal Documentation. Here is a direct link to the UV Channels page: Working with UV Channels | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks again ClockworkOcean & AAriyAA!