Why does my light bleed

There is always light leaking in my scene from the top of the walls even if i don’t have any light source

I tried to solve this problem by remapping UV’s but didn’t work.

  • I am new at UE4 so i can’t figure this out.

Hello Kediko,

I have a bit more information I would like from you in order to better understand this issue.

1.) It looks like the walls and ceiling are not the same object. Creating a structure using only one piece of geometry will help resolve this in the future.

2.) From your screenshot you have a Min Lightmap Resolution of 64. Change this to 256 or 512 for your ceiling and walls.

Let me know if these troubleshoots help. I think #2 would bet better in this situation.

Hello ,

Thank you for your helps. After your answer I recreated my walls and the ceiling as one object.

The problem seems resolved now.

  • P.S. Sorry for delayed answer.