Why does my game appear blurry from far away?

So basically my game appears to be blurry from far away and I’m not sure why. Here’s what it looks like from far away:

And here’s what it looks like close up

Is there a way to make it more clear while it’s far away?

I would say it has to do with your shaders/textures being white/grey and it messes with the human eye. I try to stay away from using white/grey in large areas.
Have you tried a different color or shader/texure to see if the same result happens?
Also you could try playing around with the lighting a bit.

One more option would be to reduce mipmapping on the texture.

Mipmapping reduces the texture szise in the far view to reduce memory load.

Small correction, not memory load as GPU only needs one copy of texture to render a scene, in fact mipmap use more memory then normal as it needs to hold extra reduce sized textures in memory.

What it really does it to save processing power on something that won’t be detailed anyway by using reduced size textures

I really don’t think it has to do with the fact that my textures are white.

you are the expert :smiley: how ever maybe it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve also overridden the lightmap resolution to 64. Would that have anything to do with this?

I dont think so… do you use static or dynamic light?

It’s static.