Why does my editor crash straight after opening up a project with raytracing enabled?

I am desperately trying to use raytracing in my project but am suffering from a crash just after I open a blank project with raytracing enabled (this crash also occurs with any other project using raytracing and DirectX 12).

This issue is marked as fixed here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-88616) however this is incorrect as I am still experiencing these crashes on my laptop.

Could someone help me fix this issue please?

I have an RTX 2060 in my laptop and am using the latest Nvidia drivers.

Same here…tryied a lot of thing …no work around.
updating Nvidia drivers…Failed
updating windows…failed
Disable intel graphics …failed

Same here, although I get crash every time when I quit ue4, even more weird. 4.25.1, rtx2060, nvidia studio driver

go to NVIDIA Control Panel. if you see Developer tab, change the setting to allow all user for GPU counters. It might work and make sure laptops are plugged in not on battery; and if laptop change Geforce Battery boost setting off

same issue for me on 4.25.4

any rtx enabled project crashes. even a blank project created from scratch with rtx enabled crashes with assertion failure.!
tried latest studio drivers, older ones, minimising windows, maximising them, trying one monitor on and not two and all of the other suggested ‘fixes’ ive seen around d3d12rhi failures…

about ready to give up

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