Why does my Destructible Mesh Blueprint Explode on Play?

Steps I took:

  1. Right click on mesh and select “Create Destructible Mesh”
  2. Right click on new DM and select “Create Blueprint Using…”
  3. Opened new blueprint and selected the root component and enabled “Simulation Generates Hit Events”
  4. Compiled and Saved Everything.
  5. Put blueprint into scene.
  6. Hit “Play.”

When I put the blueprint into the scene and hit play it instantaneously explodes. How do I get it to generate hit events, but apply no damage so the mesh stays together?


Destructibles have a bunch of extra physics settings which you should definitely play around with. In this case, you want to be setting ‘Enable Hard Sleeping’ to checked, or turning ‘Start awake’ off.

Head over to the collision section, and make sure ‘Simulation Generates Hit Events’ to generate hit events, as well as making sure the collision type allows hit events with the things you want to use.

You also may want to consider allowing it to affect navigation if appropriate.

If you want hit events to be generated without damage, just attach a zero damage value to the hit event and make sure the damage needed to create fracture is higher than zero.

Thanks for the reply.

I have turned on “Enable Hard Sleeping”, and I have “Start Awake” off. The collision type is set to Destructible. “Can Ever Affect Navigation” is off as well. The damage threshold on the DM is set to 1.0.

It still explodes on Play.

I don’t have any nodes in the Event Graph of the blueprint currently, how would I make it take zero damage?

I turned off “Enable Hard Sleeping” and it stays in one piece! Thanks.

I have the same problem but I can’t turn off “start awake” cause I want to use physics. So when I hit play my BP explode. Have any idea ?

It has to do with “Simulation generates hit events” on the destructible component. It has been marked as a bug and they are going to fix it.

Ok, thanks a lot.