Why does MSAA x8 make Alpha masked materials transparent?

Doesn’t happen with MSAA x4 or x2.

Whats the cause of this and are there any solutions?

Bumping this, in case someone can drop a hint, I really need to know.


My last attempt in hopes for an answer because i’m stubborn.

Dusting that topic up - still a bug.
tested in 4.27, Forward rendering and material with Blendmode Masked. 8x MSAA makes the material look 50% transparent

It’s a feature, not a bug. MSAA allows for a technique called Alpha To Coverage which provides a few steps of order independent translucency for masked materials.

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I have yet to understand what you just said, unless its sarcasm and i missed it.

Are you seriously telling us that translucent objects appearing wrong is a feature?

Yep. As I linked, the feature is called Alpha to Coverage and is functioning as designed.

How is something looking as bad as it does a feature and is functioning as intended?

Must be a bug then, guess you should report it?

I did years ago.

My apologies, you’re right this is a bug.

Target fix is 5.1


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You got to be kidding me! LOL

If you log in and vote up the issue, it may become a higher priority

No I mean the rest of us in the real world are still on UE4 I don’t care about 5 +

Edit: it may be redundant though, I learnt upscaling with minimum or no MSAA yields better results vs Performance let alone have MSAA at 8X.

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I have run into this problem on Unreal Engine 5.2. It now appears the problem affects all levels of MSAA…very frustrating.

See my investigation that I posted on the Quixel support forum.