Why does Move to Location work without a NavMesh but Move To Location or Actor doesn't


I am trying to get a unit to move from where it is to where the player clicks on Hex Grid. I don’t need the NavMeshBoundsVolume as I already derive the correct path with an A* algorithm.

The problem I have is when I use the MoveToLocation node it works correctly. But when I use the MoveToLocationOrActor node the requests fails. In both cases I untick the Use Pathfinding bool and have no NavMeshBoundsVolume

Any reason this is happening ? I would prefer to use the MoveToLocationOrActor as it will tell me when the move is finished.

Thanks for your help.


You can bind an event to OnMoveFinished i believe is the name of the event in AIController, and then you’ll get a notification every time a move completes.

You might try turning off Project Goal on Navigation in the former. I’m not experienced in using AITask, but that’s my gut feeling just looking at it real quick

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hi,I couldn’t find the “on movement finished ” dispatcher in AI controller. Could you elaborate it?im using 5.2 .thanks

Edit: I found it…it’s called “move completed”.