Why Does Imported FBX Turn into a Brush

So I exported a level I made in Maya as an FBX file but upon importing into UE4, UE4 turns it into a brush, thus I cannot make changes to the object’s collision complexion. Is there any way to make UE4 import as a static mesh?

Yes, when you click on the import button click on the dropdown for all the files and select FBX Static Mesh


Or Export it as an OBJ file and import that to UE4,

I am not seeing this drop down with those options.


press this button

did that help?

I only have 2 options.

try to verify UE4 form the launcher, if that don’t work try to re-install UE4

So I found out what I was doing wrong. I was doing File > Import into Level. if I use the import button by the content browser then I get all the options (including being able to edit collision complexity. Thanks for helping tho!