Why does enabling Ray Traced Distance Field Shadows do nothing?

I have to be overlooking something simple here. I’ve enabled distance field shadows in the project settings, made sure everything is on dynamic lighting, etc, but when I turn them on or adjust them nothing happens. No shadows at all (also disregard my low fps, I know). Its the same with my ambient occlusion shadows on the skylight. Zero results. I’ve tried building the lighting, restarting the editor, and no jazz. Any help greatly appreciated.

For DFAO, is your skylight checked to ‘Cast Shadows’?

If your foliage has been painted with the foliage tool there’s a checkbox under the instance settings for each foliage type - ‘Affect Distance Field Shadows’ or something like that.

Yea I’ve turned that on. I’m using the procedural foliage tool, but I also manually dropped in a rock to check and still doesn’t work. I started a new project even to test and still doesn’t work.

Settings> Project Settings> Rendering> Generate Mesh Distance Fields

Already done :confused:

light movable?

Yup, and I’ve set “disable static lighting” to true, just in case. My cascade shadows are working fine, but I get 0 results from the ray cast lighting. Here are my directional light settings and one of my foliage settings.

i was also going to say that i usually set all cascade settings to 0, so only RTDFS is used.
have you tried closing in on the objects? might be a range problem?

This is with cascades set to 0, I get no shadows:

Problem solved. Doesn’t work on mac :frowning: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/386775/raytraced-distancefield-shadows-on-mac-os-x.html

bummer man.