Why does editor crash on my Chinese system?

Editor crash when i launch,

and i got a Chinese System is that ok?

Here is my CrashLog I thinklink text maye it’s some kind of font problem? Is it caused by my chinese system?

Anybody can help?

Hi ,

How far are you able to get before editor crashes? Are you able to access Project Browser window and select a project to launch?

Hello! I have same problem (I also mentioned it on other thread).
I am able to get to Project Browser window and create or open earlier created empty project. It tries to open but crashes with same message.
OS: Windows 7 64-bit no Service Packs installed, no VS2013 installed.
Log files are below.

no Project Browser, i just crashed when i clicked launch and a small editor window came out and then it just crashed

link text

Hello ,

Does filepath where your Documents/[Unreal Projects] folder exists or Editor’s install location have any non-English characters in it?

We currently only support Korean localization and character support at this time, with more languages to come.


Please see question I asked above and respond.

My editor path is installed in full English path and no other non-English characters, and when it goes to the [Unreal Projects] folder, if i am just open editor without any project it still crash, so i think maybe it has nothing to do with non-English characters?


Hey ,

Can you provide us with your dxdiag?

link text


I notice that when you experience crash, process that crashes is Codecreatures Benchmark Pro.exe. This is not expected, because any time editor crashes it is expected to be in UE4Editor-Cmd.exe.

Are you able to offer any explanation for this?


I don’t know i find that i installed Codecreatures Benchmark Pro.exe. and i uninstalled it, but i still crashing…

Did crash change or does it still say “Codecreatures Benchmark Pro.exe” has crashed?

it still say “Codecreatures Benchmark Pro.exe” after i uninstalled it,and i even tried to reinstall whole unreal engine, and i still same