Why does AddControllerYawInput rotate my character when I used it in Blueprints, but does nothing when I write in C++? UE4-27

Pretty straight forward. I am trying to make a top down shooter in C++, but I am stuck at the part where I cant make the mesh rotate in C++. I try using AddControllerYawInput, Ive binded the TurnRight input to MouseX and it works perfectly in Blueprints, but however when I implement the exact same thing in C++ it just doesnt work, the mesh doesnt rotate. Can anybody please provide me any help, I am giant noob with zero experience and this is genuenly so confusing. Sorry for bad english and thanks beforehand.

You are calling the Function for your character, to properly get AddControllerYawInput to work you need a function that passes in your TurnRight values.

And then you want to write the function in your cpp file and call that function instead of just the &ABoxCharacter::AddControllerYawInput.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: