Why do trees placed with the foliage tool not get culled by my landscape?

I’ve placed a bunch of static meshes using the foliage tool and found out that they are not being culled by my landscape. The same meshes placed manually do get culled. Does anyone have an idea why?

I assume you’re referring to visibility culling?

I believe foliage is culled in groups of multiple meshes. If you have only placed a handful, they will be culled as a single group - i.e. if any of them are visible they are all rendered.

This is for performance reasons. Foliage is designed to render many thousands of meshes with good performance, it would be way too expensive to visibility-cull them individually.

Thanks for the response. I do have many thousands total (10k approximately) of roughly 10ish foliage types. When I look diagonally across my level I’m not seeing any of them being culled even though they are behind the landscape. If I place a giant box in the middle of the level the ones behind it are being culled