Why Do These Walls with the Same Texture Look Different?

I don’t understand, additionally, there’s an asset that changes colour in the middle for some reason, even though it’s just one asset. (See second picture).

In the second picture, the color of the walls is removed along a gradient. It changes from the purple to a light grey quicker over the wall corners / edges. Try posting the material graph of the wall texture.

Hi, I’m still relatively new to Unreal, I’m not sure what you mean by “material graph”. Do you mean the material window with all the maps plugged in? There’s nothing particularly fancy going on with the texture. It’s just a couple of standard maps.

Yeah, the material graph is the material window with the texture maps plugged into Base Color, Normal, and any other pins in the Main Material Node (Metallic, Roughness, etc). By graph I mean the composition of it; all the nodes / wires that it consists of so far. For a screenshot of it, click in the empty area of the ‘graph’ (in an area off of the texture maps, and other nodes and wires) to get the details panel to display in the lower left too. It appears to be a material problem.