Why do structures not currently support inheritance within blueprints?

Blueprint type “Structure” does not currently support inheritance within blueprints. I am simply wondering why not? It seems like a rather disservice as I have to instead work around this and spawn in new objects with the proper inheritances that I require.

This might be a noob question, but what do you mean by inheritance?

So for classes, you can create Actors which inherit from the AActor class. I am looking to do close to the same thing with structs. I am trying to avoid spawning in objects that only hold data like text and integers. I would create static variables but I need to be able to have children from the base object. I am currently using a combination of structs and classes using GetDefaultObject to avoid the current issue.

This might be a noob question, but what do you mean by inheritance?

Since the only difference between class and struct that the members are public / private.

Also it is not the first language where i see structs used as “data container”.

Any news Epic staff?

Any updates would be nice…

I’ll second this. Having to use actors to store bulk data is really frustrating.

They are working hard on getting structs working properly in blueprints. I’m sure it’s on their list, but getting the structs to not break was a bigger priority for them I’m sure.

Because structs arnt the same in C++ as they are in the UE4 api as they are in blueprints. In time. 4.9 is bringni some huge c++ like features to blueprints such as multiple return nodes and tick rates.