Why do some BSP created Static Meshes don't work properly but others do?

I wanted to try and make risk as my first real ue4 project.
After creating the 42 “countries” with Geometry Editing → Pen (all with the same settings) and converting them into static meshes, only some are working with mouse click events and “Get Hit Result Under Cursor for Objects”. Also when applying the same material to every one, the same meshes which were not working before showed no material as seen in the picture below (even with unlit, detail lighting…)
I searched for differences in “details” but saw none (except the coordinates of course).
So my question is why that is the case and how to fix it, so every mesh can be clicked on.
Thanks a lot

Sounds like a collision issue. Have you tried checking them out in the mesh editor?

Firstly, that’s really impressive! I admire you patience. Just so you know, 4.25 has the perfect modelling tool for this. You can also modify normals and UVs.

From what you said, it sounds like the normals are screwed up for the ones that aren’t selectable. If you make your material double sided and they appear that’s the issue.

You can also check the hitresult and return bool.

okay, I think I got it. The collision seems to be one sided only (I didn’t even know that was possible)
I fixed the problem with turning the meshes by 180° and mirroring them, but still wondering: How would I get double sided collision? I tried turning “Double Sided Geometry” on, but that didn’t change it.

Thanks, the double sided Material helped me figure out the other problem aswell. The collision was onesided and in the wrong direction

Yeah… I don’t know that much about it, but I think single sided geometry is always a bit of a pain.

Did you try switch collision to ‘use complex as simple’ in the mesh editor?

Is it working now?

Otherwise I think you have to extrude them to give them depth…

Great to hear. Btw here’s the recent talk on the new modelling tools.