Why do objects reflect the sky as black?

Why do objects reflect the sky as black? I can see everything else I can even see the sun but The sky always shows up black what gives?


Hey James,

Select the Reflection Capture from the Scene Outliner, and press Update Captures from the details panel, you should get proper reflections now. :slight_smile:

yeah I have tried this. This shows it a little better.


See how the top is just black it is like there is a cubemap and the top is black. and that is from the sample scene

I just looked at one you show above, and was able to add a Skylight to the scene, then turned it’s roughness down to 0 in the material, then I made the reflection Re Capture the scene.

This is what I got:


As you can see it is not actually black being reflected, it is just a darker color of blue from the atmosphere, when the roughness value is set to 0.2 it seems the light is scattering.

Here is a shot of the sky, compare it to the reflection in the image above: