Why do my sprites look blurry when viewed with perspective projection but not orthographic?

I’ve been messing around with creating a basic 2D platformer. I started off just using orthographic projection and everything looked fine, but after looking for ways to create a parallax effect it seemed like switching to a perspective view would be simplest. But doing that has made all my sprites look quite blurry, which is a big problem as my art style (such as it is; I’m no artist) relies on clean, sharp lines. As far as I can tell, switching from orthographic to perspective is the cause of this.

Does anyone know why this might be, and how I could fix it? Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: On closer inspection, it’s really only animated or rapidly moving sprites where there’s a significant difference. It’s as if there’s some sort of motion blur or something?

Could be temporal anti aliasing, it always gives this strange ghosting effect when two materials (with high frequency detail,a s far as i can tell) pass over each other. Try turning it off switching to FXAA or something

Yes, awesome! That made a significant difference. Thanks heaps!