Why do my Normals / Tangets look wrong after exporting from Blender?

I am running into a problem exporting an animated mesh from blender to UE4. I think it is the normal groups / tanget normals that I am exporting are not being imported correctly or something.

I export with these settings:


After I import it into UE4 however, my mesh looks like [this][2] (with material applied). It looks quite dark like the lighting is coming at it from the wrong angle or something. If I try and import with normals calculated however, the lighting looks correct overall, but the normal map does not look correct after it is applied (doesn’t really look like a tangent space normal map and has seams all over it).

Any ideas? Thank you!

Well I managed to fix the problem… Embarrassingly enough the problem was the green channels in my normal maps are flipped coming from blender (this was the case with ALL the normal maps I baked from blender). So using the “calculate normals” option on import fixed the problem on the mesh, and then flipping the green channels of my normal maps in photoshop fixed the normal maps.