Why do my materials look so bad

Pls halp, my 3d models look just fine but when i try to put custom materials on them they look like garbage.

Are the UVs right? Does the model and materials look good in the modeler program?

Yea i used autodesk maya lt and the uvs after “automatic uv” setting seem right, i feel like the problem might be the way ive constructed materials in ue4. Thanks for replying and any further help is apreciated.

It would help to see the actual material setup.

Here, i bet this is the problem

Did you set any U or V tiling values in the TexCoord node?

Yea theyre like 10 x 10 tiling. I was trying to see if its better to have a lot of small textures tiling but it doesnt look any better than having a big texture repeating only few times.