Why do I need to cook everything again after restart the editor?

I’m working with console development, so I need to use the “Launch” button to run my game in the console many times.

While the editor is open there is no problem: the first time the process will take some time to cook the assets, build and then deploy the game. After that, the next time will be very quick, because only the modified assets will be cooked again.

The problem is: everytime I restart the editor, everything is cooked again with no reason, and it takes a long time to complete.

The log shows the following messages, that may be related with the issue:

LogCook: Display: Creating asset registry
LogCook: Display: Cooked content cleared for platform AllDesktop
LogCook: Display: Unable to read previous cook inisettings for platform AllDesktop invalidating cook

I have to restart the editor many times because I’m working with optimizations, so sometimes I modify an asset for tests purposes and I need to discard the changes (using GIT). Or even simple code modifications (I always restart the editor after compile C++ code).

Is there any way to prevent it to happen?