Why do i keep crashing all the time?

Just recently, today infact Unreal has started crashing on me all the time on the most random of things, i will simply click on a static mesh from the content browser to drag it into the foliage painter and it will crash and it even crashed when i tried deleting a folder that had no files in it… so if anyone could give me some insight that would be great.

my pc isnt exactly terrible i have a 6 core intel cpu, 32gb of ram and a gtx980TI

Well I think you should contact the epic staff for better help…
32 GB RAM is called not terrible . here is a linkhttp://help.epicgames.com/

Hope that you are able to resume back to learning my friend.

Hey Stuubo,

Can you post the crash message, or a crash log? Any information that is related to the type of crash(es) you are getting.

The crash logs are located in the Saved->Logs folder, in your project folder.


hi sure, i believe this is the log from where the crashes started happening well it is the largest log file so it will have the most information.link text

Hey Stuubo,

This log looks like a normal close of the editor, starting at:

[2016.09.10-00.15.39:045][119]Cmd: QUIT_EDITOR

Do you get any crash window or message when your editor crashes?

hello again, no i dont on the occasions when it has crashed it has just frozen when loading something an example being what i initially said in the question i would try loading a tree static mesh into the foliage painter and it would crash.

Not sure if this would help but when i try to rebuild the lighting on my scenes it does take a hell of a long time and when it finishes it tells me that the light source would not be sufficient for such a large land mass and it also says something about the LOD’s of my grass static mesh’s etc.

And im not sure what that means i am still only learning :slight_smile:

Hey Stuubo,

Can you post your system specs?

Here is how to run DxDiag:

  • Press Windows Start button
  • type, “Dxdiag” (no quotes)
  • Run DxDiag.exe
  • When the green bar is done, press “Save all information”
  • Upload that txt document here


I sure can, here you go as i said before i wouldn’t call my pc bad spec :slight_smile:link text

Yeah, it’s probably not your hardware, which is better than most.

Sadly, if I don’t have any reference to why you are crashing, whether from a crash log or report, it’s difficult to figure out why. Best bet is to do your best to get more information as to why your crashing.

As a side thought, do you have Visual Studio installed? Also, are you running the binary (launcher) build or the source code, from GitHub?


i did find these if they help, all i can find about crashing.
link text

I think I have a clue as to why you are having issues. It is Direct X related.

Can you upload or post all of the logs in your Saved->Logs folder?


I sure can

link text
link text
link text
link text

Alright, first I’d like to explain what I know about whats going on:

Your graphics card for some reason is having a difficult time with UE4:

Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s)
=== Critical error: ===
Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0007 - 'RESET')

This is pretty much saying that your video card got reset during something UE4 was doing and didn’t recover fast enough (from what I can tell). So, UE4 closed down.

Now, in regards to what to do about it, this is the only piece of information I can find about this specific issue:

This is a driver crash. Update your video drivers and if they are up to date, make sure your video card is not damaged by swapping with another.

My suggestion is to start with that. Go and get the latest video card drivers (if needed). If they aren’t needed, it may be an issue with your card itself.

link text
link text
link text
link text

Thanks alot for the help on that i will give it a go, it plays games completely fine with no problems what so ever and no crashing, however the graphics card is overclocked so do you think that might also be part of the problem and that might make the driver crash?

If you have your video card overclocked to the point where it could hiccup, absolutely. It might be worth it to either remove the overclocking or bring it back a little.

It’s also really difficult to compare Game A with Game B, or in your case, Game A with Unreal Engine 4. Most likely, they have much different methods to how it interfaces with the video card and its drivers. I wouldn’t be surprised that UE4 as an editor behaves different than games built with UE4

Allright, i will set it back to stock speeds and see if that helps me at all, thanks alot for your help and taking time out of what you are doing to help me find the problem.

Also yeah i agree within the editor will act differently than a fully running game.

Hello just thought i would let you know something, today i was roaming through the UE4 files and i saw a DXsetup file for the Direct X runtime SDK, i ran that setup and now the compiling of my shaders etc seems to be alot smoother.

Just thought i would let you know :slight_smile: