Why do I have to restart editor after build?

Hi everyone,

So I started noticing that my builds were not effecting the engine. I have a C++ class called BlackHole and a Blueprint called BlackHole_BP. Now, when I make changes to BlackHole in Visual Studio and build, sometimes I don’t see the changes on BlackHole_BP and while play mode, unless I restart the engine. Anyone can help me about it?

Lets make it clear.

  • You build your project in Visual Studio.
  • Run it in visual studio.
  • modify c++ code
  • click Compile (in Editor, not in visual studio)


no changes in BP, right?

I generally compile it in Visual Studio, should I compile it in Editor?

Thanks, didn’t knew that!

If you want to recompile c++ project while editor is open - Yes

  • Run it in visual

  • Modify code

  • Compile in UE4


As it says on tooltip - Recompiles and reloads c++ code for game systems on the fly