Why cant I spawn in another player in a gameworld with two spawn points?

Hey Guys,

I was playing around with the 3rd-Person starter kit, and I was having some trouble getting multiple players to spawn correctly. I’ve placed two spawn points on the map, and try running the game with a dedicated server and two clients… However, only one player actually spawns within the gameworld and is playable. I looked through the shooter example, but all of the blueprints in there were completely empty.

It’s probably something really simple and stupid which I must have brushed over. Any ideas?

I too am stuck with this

What i’ve discovered is that when the first player spawns, it blocks the 2nd player from spawning on the same ‘playerStart’ object.
If you move the first player away from the ‘playerStart’, then connect the 2nd player, they can both run around together.
It would be ideal to create multiple spawn points and have players spawning at different spawn points, but for the life of me i have no idea what would control this, and since the shooter example doesnt use the blueprint system, its not much of a reference

Have a look at Code Third Person - Multiplayer - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums it should have the solution you seek.

Try looking at this:

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