Why can't I see the debug flow in my blueprint?

Hi everyone !

I trying to learn how to make an AI with the behavior tree. But when I run it, the tree always freeze on the first node and never run the second one.

However, what is the most weird, is that when I go in the blueprint task which freeze, it doesn’t show the debug flow it is suppose to display. Of course I chose a debug filter but it doesn’t change anything !

Here are few screen of my situation :

There’s a number of things wrong here :slight_smile:

First of all, you used a Selector as your root composite node, which means it will finish, successfully, as soon as any of it’s children results in “success”, so if your looking at enemy is successful it will keep on repeating that action over and over again.

Another thing, you’ve implemented the Event Receive Execute which gets called only once, when given node gets activated. It’s not its tick function.

One last thing, which doesn’t impact this issue, but may start once you handle things I’ve mentioned above, is you need to remember that until you call Finish Execute from within your BP-implemented task node it will never finish.

Hope it helps,


Thank you ! It worked ! That was very quick !

But I still don’t understand something. In my other task node (Idle Attack), I have an receive execute node event and it work well.

What is the difference ?

Hard to tell without seeing all the bits. I’d guess it was getting re-executed with a tick-like frequency due to some issues in the BT setup or BT nodes BP implementation.

Ok thank you ! Now I will use the receive tick event. I was thinking that it was firing every tick even when it was not activated. Anyway, thank you again for your help !