Why can't I paint on my landscape properly?

Hi all,

So what I am trying to do seems simple on paper but impossible in practice.

I wan’t to make a golf course, so I have my grass layer all well and good but every time I add the sand layer I get this issue on the image below.

Basically I need to create sand bunkers (like in golf) but instead I get squares, it seems the circle paint tool only paints in squares. I understand the landscape is setup in quads so I have increased the resolution to the maximum but this hasn’t changed a thing.

Can someone please help me with this issue?

Many thanks

I’m sure this is an issue with the resolution.

It’s a little hard to tell without knowing your setup.

Generally this will be a resolution issue, but I see you have maxed that out. If the landscape is massive however, the resolution trick might not help.

Is your material ok for sure?

Take a look at the recommended landscape resolution sizes:

Use one of the defaults to see if this is still an issue.
Maybe try deforming the landscape using the sculpt tools to confirm whether this isn’t an issue with resolution. If it’s low res you will also have a blocky, sharp edged appearance.


Hi both, it’s at the highest res possible and it’s the smallest possible (7x7). It’s not a resolution issue.