Why can't I hear this sound?

I’m using the C++ FPS template game, in a new level.
I’ve attached a very simple event blueprint to a box, that runs physics simulation.
The blueprint applies 1 point of damage, and starts the default Explosion_Cue cue.
I’ve verified by looking at the blueprint when running that the play-sound-cue node gets control (the white edge to it bubbles.)
However, I cannot hear the explosion in world.
I’ve set the location to be “snap to actor location”
Right-clicking the Explosion_Cue in the Content Browser and selecting Play I can hear it just fine.

What am I doing wrong?


Where are you at when the explosion cue fires, have you adjusted the Attenuation settings at all as you may be outside the radius to hear the sound potentially.


I am a couple of meters away from the box that I attached the graph to. I have not touched Attenuation – in the screen shot above, Attenuation has the “select asset” popup menu. Is there something I need to do regarding this?

Oh, wait – I wonder if the problem is that I use “apply damage” here, which looks like a server-only task.

I found the answer. The answer is that “play sound attached” needs a component to attach to. Attaching the “Comp Hit” output of the hit event to the “attach to component” input of the sound playing action makes it work.