Why can't Blueprint see the variables in my struct?

I made a very simple struct as a proof of concept, and blueprint can see and create instances of that struct, but I can’t actually access the contents- even with context turned off, dragging a node from a FInventorySlot reference won’t allow me to access the AItemBase* pointer inside. Did I mess my macros up here?

struct FInventorySlot{

		UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category="Inventory")
		AItemBase* myItem;
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To access Struct members from Blueprint graph you have to “Break” the struct instance;
If you want to Get/Set members directly you’d have to create custom Blueprint nodes targeting the Component or Actor storing the instance.



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Ooh, thank you! I was trying to treat structs exactly like objects, breaking it solved the problem immediately. :slight_smile:

Why is ‘Break’ the terminology used here?