Why can't Asset Manager load assets via Primary Asset ID on Android Only??

I’m working on a mobile game on Unreal Engine version 4.23. I’m using the inventory system from the Action RPG example project by Epic Games. I’m using a custom Asset Manager to load UPrimaryDataAssets called UItems.

The game is able to correctly save and load the inventory items by their PrimaryAssetId on PC (both packaged and ran in editor).

However, On android I get the logged error: “Failed to load item for identifier Item_Token!” The only item I have in the game so far is the token so this makes sense. But it shouldn’t be failing to find the item. Especially when I have it set to “Always Cook,” these types of items in the Asset Manager project settings.

It’s strange because the Item_Token seems to be working on Android if referenced from blueprints. I am able to successfully add and save the tokens. It successfully converts from DataAsset to PrimaryAssetId. But not the other way around.

I essentially copied all the code from the Action RPG game so I must have missed some setting. Is my directory wrong? Does it need to point to the c++ classes instead? Does anyone know what could have gone wrong?

Thank you in advance.

The asset manager is failing to convert from the Primary Asset ID to UPrimaryDataAsset on Android.

Been stuck on this problem for over a week now (finally decided to make a post a few days ago). Currently the workaround I might have to do is make a hand built data table with the primary asset ID to DataAsset conversion. Then I will have to split the function for loading inventory into three parts, with the middle function coming into blueprints to grab that data table (since all the items are data asset childs only available in blueprints) and then back into the C++ function.

Still no answers? Could someone please help? I made a forum post here.

I ended up just not using the inventory system for my small mobile game since I’m only going to have token items. I just have a TMap of FName int32 pairs to keep track of the tokens and their amount.