Why can not I get the same metahuman render effect as official examples

Hi, I am trying to render metahuman on my computer. It only contains one I7-77000K CPU. I have not installed any GPU.

I list the two distinct results below. We can find my eyebrow and hairs are less denser than the official ones. Maybe it is related to the light, do you have any suggestions about how to put the light source in Unreal. I am a little familiar with Blender while I find it is not easy to manipulate objects in Unreal.

Please check the attached images… :wink:

sorry for that. I update the comparison.

Ahh easy, this is because lightning and LOD, take a look to:

I see something like:

Use this scene with only one I7-7700k (no gpu) will crash suddenly.
I use this scene with one 3090 GPU. The results become better.

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