Why can i see through everythng

Please answer this! I can understand why, but this happened when I started up my project one day.


  1. make sure to use the “epic” quality settings
  2. do you get any errors when you open the map
  3. which engine version do you use?

Are these imported models with flipped normals?
The walls from the template seem still to be solid.

it is on epic, i use 4.9, and no errors

they are the free models from the market. and the walls aren’t solid. if you go outside the walls you can see trough

Try migrating one of the meshes to another project and see if the same thing occurs. If it doesn’t and is how it should be, it could be that your project is somehow corrupt… or maybe the checkbox “Visible in Game” was switched off?

+create a new project and check if you get the same result
+what happens when you enable “two sided” in the material?

no they render just fine in another project, something happened to this project only and I dont know what

they also render wromg in other maps of the project?
I had a case once where not the entire project but just a specific map was broken…

Yes, this happens in even other maps. This kind of thing also happens in my viewport for blueprints, and animations.

Did anyone ever figure out a solution? I am having this same exact problem with my project i opened up today. Ive been working on it for a while and it just randomely did this when i opened it up today. I tried restarting my computer and everything but no luck

I had a similar issue when I lowered the clipping plane close to zero.