Why can i not hit my multiplayer player?

Hy there

I have this blueprint witch shows me where i am shooting. But if i hit a multiplayer player (Line Trace By Channel → Hit Bone Name) it doesn’t print me the bone name of the multiplayer player i was shooting on.

How can i fix that?

Thank you for your help!

My first reaction here would be that you are hitting the character’s capsule collision and not it’s physic’s asset.

Try Line Tracing by Object and avoid tracing against Pawn (if that’s your capsule type) but do trace against something like Physics Bodies if that’s what your mesh collision is set to (more ahead) .

At the same time be sure your Character’s Mesh Component has Collision enabled to something like PhysicsBodies (default is no collision i think) and that you have a properly setup physics asset for the skeletal mesh.