Why brushes suddenly went missing on top view?

Hi. im working with brushes a lot on my project. always switching from top view to perspective view. suddenly all brushes went missing on the top view. but in perspective view they all are there. another thing i noticed is that when i select a brush in perspective view, it only highlights the surfaced i clicked, not the whole thing. i mean, normally, it would highlight the whole object and a little thicker lines on the surface where i clicked. but suddenly, with it missing in the top view (and i believe its missing also in the other orthographic views) its also doing this weird “highlighting only a single surface” thing. ive checked the “show” button already and BSPs are checked. what could have i pressed or accidentally changed? i have googled already and found no one with the same inquiry as i am. can someone please enlighten me? Thank you very much for your time.