Why aren't cinematic Depth of Field settings showing in the viewport?

Hi all,

I’m making a short film in UE4. I have a great deal of experience in live-action filmmaking but I’m relatively new to 3D (trained in 3DS Max, only using Unreal for about six months). I’m using multiple Cine Camera Actors with the sequencer, and Camera Cuts instead of a shot list (if that’s relevant). Final output is usually ProRes422.

I can’t get my depth of field settings to represent themselves in the viewport, only in the final render. No matter how much I play with the focus, it doesn’t show up when I lock viewport to camera cuts. I have to wait until I do a ProRes export. And even then, it doesn’t really look like my settings are sticking. I’ll set the aperture to something incredibly fast like f1.8, but almost everything will be in focus.

I understand depth of field settings exist at multiple points where they can be edited, and that some settings cancel out other settings. This is all quite new to me.