Why are these 2 meshes with the same material a different shade? Cant figure it out!

Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/l33Y4aa.png

These safety deposit boxes in my scene both have the same exact material on it (I made it red to highlight the problem). The big boxes on the bottom are all a darker shade than the smaller ones on the top. What gives?! Cant figure it out…

Things I tried:
Rebuilding/Repositioning lighting
Making sure both have same size and properly unwrapped lightmaps
Messing with the post processor

What else can I do? I just want all the doors to have the same colour


Could you show us the lightmap uvs you’re using?
…also your lightmass settings?

Hey! so It’s 4 meshes (Big Box, Small Box, Big Door, Small Door) here are the Lightmap UVS

Big Box: https://i.imgur.com/DR8UkxS.png
Small Box: https://i.imgur.com/lErUGHJ.png
Big Door: https://i.imgur.com/TlGSwSW.png
Small Door: https://i.imgur.com/34ccY3T.png

The lightmaps look ok… not sure about the padding though…
If I see it well your boxes don’t have a top part… are you sure you snap those modular parts correctly and there are no openings?
…also if you could show the lightmass settings… what lights you’re using + if everything is static in your scene…

Lightmass settings are default, Not changed any of that yet. Should I?

Everything is definitely static in the scene.

Heres an image of the lights I have in the scene.

The scene was only started yesterday so its still in blockout… Sky light and directional light are disabled. the 3 point lights are static. but I have played around with all of them and cant see a difference

Modular boxes are definitely snapped correctly

What if you keep the doors but delete (or make invisible and not casting shadows) the “inner boxes”?

I sorted it. I went back into 3ds max and saved out the lightmap manually from the small door. Then i applied that lightmap to the big door mesh in 3ds Max too before exporting so they both had identical lightmaps.

I still dont understand why I had to do that, never had to do it before in any of my previous environments. Anyway hope this helps someone.