Why are there strange shadows on my mesh?

Asset from unity.

Gereated unique uvs, light resolution to 256.

any idea?

Remake the UV’s in your modeling program. The editor’s own UV creator isnt good for every model and it looks like it wasnt able to fix this one either.

Do you know how to do that in blender or 3ds ? or maybe some tutorial im programmer

Just create a lightmap/2nd uv channel in your 3d program:

  • blender:
  • 3ds : ?v=BY-nKxyHKRc
  • more information:

Same incorrect UV Map :((but now i have the 2nd channel) this is a unity asset i dont have any kind of relation in the modeling process.

It Works, thanks guys, aperrently 3ds do the job(i try blender first for the light map).