Why are several meshes really dark compared to all the others?

Hi. I’m wondering why 7 out of 50+ meshes are really dark. In the pic, the mesh in the bottom left is how the dark meshes are meant to look. From the pic, you can see the meshes in the middle are all dark/black, the other meshes around them are light properly. I used the same mesh and duplicated them, I have about 50 others in the building and they are all lit fine, it’s just the small group of 6 that are the problem.

I have no lighting other than the direction light and sky light. Any help is welcome. :slight_smile:

This looks like an Indrect Lighting Volume Sample issue. Go to show> Visualize> Volume Lighting Samples. Lightmass builds these samples in order to light Movable objects when they have no direct lighting. So for certain spots of your area, it decided that it was dark, and then projects that onto the entire model. That’s my first guess, but we’ll need more information about your scene. Movable lights? Static? Built lighting?

Hi. Thanks for the info. I have built lighting, the only lights in the scene are the directional light and sky light. Lighting has been built using production quality.

OK, so I figured it out.

So, I figured out it was the cylinder shapes from the starter content that were the problem. In the pic below (which is how I wanted the scene to look), the cylinders are placed in the map, but I haven’t built the lighting with them in the scene yet.

This picture shows the cylinders in the map with the lighting built.

I’m not sure why that happened. If anyone knows, please do tell. :slight_smile:

Hi, I guess I have your same problem. I’m building my geometry with a blueprint to link many mesh and repeat some of them as instances, but alway all the geometry is static.

I did a modular peace of building and I repeated it many times around the level, the problem is sometimes the color of the floor not matches, (but just because the light), the shadows don’t look the same. When i move that elements, in some places the material gets the right color, but of course i can not place the geometry where the computer thinks is ok for him…

Now I have copy the lights from other scene “lightroom_day” download from the marketplace. after changes a few times the light angle looks like now works, but I don’t know how to really deal with that in a professional way…