Why are new classes encoded in UTF-16 (LE)?

Unreal Engine 4.9.2 - Mac 10.10.4

My Actions:
Unreal Editor → Content Browser → Add New → New C++ Class → Choose Parent Class = None → Name = MyClass

The files generated are encoded in UTF 16 (LE) which XCode and Unreal cannot compile. I cannot find a setting anywhere to change the default encoding of new C++ class files.

For anyone else landing here, this happens for me by having a non-ASCII symbol (e.g: ©) in my Project Settings’ Copyright Notice field …

Fellow fancy coders be warned, stray not from (C)

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I have this happen to me too on macOS using Xcode. I use the copyright symbol (©) in my Copyright Notice text in Project Settings.

The issue can be fixed by opening the affected files in a text editor (like TextWrangler) and resaving the file in UTF-8 encoding. Then everything works perfectly, even with the copyright (©) symbol.