Why are my textures in the wrong position when importing a mesh from blender ?

I do have 2, one UV mapping and one for the lightmaps.

Hi everyone,

I’m actually using Unreal Engine for a little and cool project that i will show on the forum fairly soon once it gets pretty.
So i’m using UE4 for like 3 weeks now and i’m actually doing some cool stuff with it. But i’ve an issue and i can’t figure if the issue come from UE or Blender…

So here’s my problem, i’ve created a broken wall on Blender :

But once i move it to UE4, after doing the UV and the Lightmaps, when I apply a material on the mesh, the texture is in the wrong position and it appears vertically instead of horizontally like this :

So what is the problem with that ? Am I doing something wrong on UE4 while importing it or with Blender ? Thanks in advance and sorry if my english ins’t perfect !

How many UV channels do you have in Blender?

I’ve had this problem before where Unreal didn’t import my UVs from Blender in the right order, so I’ve had to change the texture coordinates set in the material. It might be worth checking what UV channels you have in the static mesh previews and what order they’re in. The texture coordinate UV might be in the wrong position