Why are my skeletal meshes not showing in reflective materials?

When I create a simple level, I added a Mirror material to a brush object. Placing the object behind other brush objects, and the sample Chair, as well as the “HeroTPP” skeletal mesh. Finally adding a SphereReflectionCapture to the scene and recompiling all the textures.

The mirror works beautifully, I can see the reflections clearly of all objects inside the scene… EXCEPT ONE, the skeletal mesh is not rendering. I have tried removing and adding it back, changing its default texture, removing animations, etc. But to no avail I can not get the skeletal mesh to appear in the reflective material.

What am I missing to get this one object type into the reflective material?

SphereReflectionCapture is used for static pre-baked reflection. It would be strange if it added skeletal meshes, since most animated meshes will move ingame. The screen space reflection will add skeletal meshes or a custom reflection from a scene capture 2D or cube.