Why are my reflections brighter than the object that is reflecting?

This doesn’t look right. Surely the reflection of an object shouldn’t be BRIGHTER than the object itself. What’s going on here? I feel like it has something to do with the fog but I don’t know what it is or how to fix it.

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The pixel you’re seeing is the sum of the reflected light, and the transmitted light.
If the ground were black, the tree reflections would not be brighter.
Chances are, your “reflective” property is too high – set it to some medium to dark gray value.

There might also be shenanigans with fog going on, or perhaps the background is reflected as black-not-sky and thus the contrast looks that stark.

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Still does it even with 100% black reflective shader

When I turn off the fog it does correct the problem, sooo…some kind of a fog setting?

Are those reflections using a planar reflection, or raytraced reflection, or screen space reflection?
If it’s screen space, then you’re not going to get physically based lighting unfortunately.
If so, try configuring a planar reflection or ray tracing (Beware, this has performance impact!)

I’m using Lumen reflections.
I’m not sure how to set up planar reflections, but raytraced reflections look the same and don’t fix the problem.

Try checking Volumetric on the fog if it isn’t already.

Volumetric fog is enabled.

same problem on my project

I had this issue but much worse turned out it was because I cranked the indirect on my light to like 50. Not sure if this was the case for your scene but when I lowered it I got a more believable result.