Why are my palletized png's the same size as 24bit png's in editor?

It appears that if I import an 8 bit PNG with 8 colors and a 8 bit PNG with 32 colors as well as a 24 bit PNG they all have the same resource size once they’ve been imported, even though they are not the same size on disk as a source asset.

We are trying to reduce the footprint of our UI textures, and found they were significantly smaller as DXT (no surprise). But obviously they are not all base 2. They run fine with mipmaps disabled on desktop, but building to iOS converts DXT to PVR which does not allow non-base 2 even without mipmaps.

Is there a better compression setting for non base 2 UI elements for iOS than userinterface2d? Why/how is the palletized information destroyed on import?

I’d also like to know the answer to this question. I can’t figure out why an asset I import is LARGER in editor than its source. That offends me on a personal level.