Why are my AI pawns not functioning properly when using World Composition?

Yeah, so my AI pawns work fine in a single, non-streaming level, but when I set up a world composition level with sub levels they behave erratically or not at all.

I have an enemy pawn set up using a behavior tree and another pawn that just uses a simple “move to” node (moves toward player). Now when I set up world composition, I have a sub-levels but the navmesh volume is on the persistent level and the RecastNavmesh set to dynamic runtime generation.

The behaviour Tree pawn is supposed to say something, shoot the player, then run away to an EQS hiding spot, but all it does is shoot constantly at the player and stays in place. The “move to” pawn moves around all over the place (not toward the player which is the target) and movement is very jerky.

So, does anyone have an idea as to why this may be happening?