Why are my Actors flickering on and off in the Viewport when my camera is moving?

Hi there, New to UE and worked my way through the new UE4 Level Creation Tutorials, I have a question I cant find the answer too.

As I move around the environment in Edit, Play, or in a launched Mode, When viewing some of the props (Specifically the wall beam props) through a gap in other geometry, they appear to flicker in and out of existence. as in they become visible and then invisible again rapidly as I move. I’ve attatched an image where you can see the objects flickering out of view (Circled in red). The bars at the far end of the picture actually repeat across the whole wall. But when viewed from underneath through the gap you can see, this effect occurs.

Same thing happens in every mode, yet if I float the camera above the beams, the effect stops.

Any idea what might be going on here?

Sorry I don’t have the answer for you, but I also have the exact same problem and believe it or not but in the exact same spot and same props lol, Have you had any luck? here is my picture’s. kind regards

Nope, no luck i’m afraid! What hardware are you using? Any cross over in our systems perhaps?

Win 7 Home Premium -
Intel i5 3570 quad @ 3.4ghz -
GeForce GTX 680 -

Very similar rig by the look of it but you have a better gfx card

Win 7 ultimate - Intel i5 3570k @ 3.6ghz -GeForce GTX 650Ti - 8Gb DDR3

Ill keep looking and give you a heads up if I find anything.

Do the props flicker when you’re close to them in the viewport or only when they are far away because I have only had this problem when I’ve place props that where overlapping.

Hi Robert this happens only when further away, up close they are fine and definitely not overlapping.