Why are Eye Adaptation Settings so complicated?

I’m trying to adjust Eye Adaptation. I find that it’s a Camera Setting. I find that it’s a Post-Process Setting. I find that it’s an editor setting. The documentation lists all the settings, but doesn’t say where they’re located.

Is there a simple way to adjust this effect??

The editor setting(viewport > View Mode > Exposure) lets you disable or reduce the effect while in editor only, it does not affect the packaged game. Usually you want to tweak it via your global post process volume. It’s called Auto Exposure.

I have the same settings you show, but it is not working in-game. Is there some other place I may have turned it off? Also, for the editor setting, where is viewport/View Mode/Exposure? (Version 4.11.1) Thanks.

Make sure the post process volume is set as Unbound.

Editor exposure can be adjusted here:

Above didn’t fix it. But after days of searching if found:
Settings/WorldSettings/Engine/Rendering/DefaultPostProcess/AutoExposure was not checkded.