Why are certain faces of my BSP-generated static mesh not generating collision?

NOTE: I am using the Mesh Editor that comes as a part of the Unreal Datasmith plugin for assigning materials, and no changes to geometry.

I am working to make a blockout for a personal project of a small building. I used BSPs to create the structure and then converted it to a static mesh. Visually, the mesh seems to be fine. There are a lot of extra edges, but as it’s just placeholder stuff, I’m not worried about it. The problem comes with trying to add collision. It seems like only the walls are able to take any sort of collision. The ceiling, floors, and windows don’t get any. They have been assigned different materials, but other than that, they are the same mesh. The walls will only take complex collision as well. My guess on this front is that the extra edges are making the simple collision fail to apply.

I know there are work arounds, like making new meshes that fit into the spots that won’t take collision while also applying an invisible material. I know I can also use the mesh editor’s collision primitives as well, but this is also very time consuming (and let’s face it, the UX for adjusting those colliders is not great).