Why Apple Paid Account is an obligation?

I can’t understand why it’s an obligation to paid a Developper Licence since Apple change this system. It’s very frustrating ! I just want to understand why. It is possible to build IPA and install it by Xcode ?


Because this is Apple policy… They are a premium brand and it’s closed ecosystem. I don’t think that it will change in the near future… :frowning: You can pay and earn money from the App Store or not pay and not earn… It’s your choice…

I begin developpement on iOS on 2009. I always paid for a Licence. I working since 3 years on a VR Game, and now I work on parrallel to an AR Game. And pay 99$ more just for test … I spent lot of hundred euros of assets applications 3d models etc … So yes, 99$ it’s nothing. But I think that can be a problem for starting new project on new devices. The reason of my post was to understand why that limitation exist yet just on UE4. It’s sad, need to pay … again … And not your fault I know, that is not what I say,I know Apple …

I don’t say it’s horrible to pay for release, but pay for test … Pay again on research and developpement with all the other thing to buy … Indi life isn’t always pink when we are poor but rich of our ideas.

Thanks to have clarified the thing.

I wish you the best. Cordially.

Im fairly sure Unity has a license obligation as well. Last i knew, this was back 2014?, it was like $400 and then $1500 for iOS (Apple) building/development.
Unless they removed all fees due to the monthly subscription … i havent used Unity since 2013/2014

I just want to add precision. This is NOT a reproach to Epic Games. I just understand why Apple change his politic about test on device but this feature isn’t on UE4. Awesome for Unity … Personaly I began on UDK, when I tried Unity the first time … There are just a world between Unity and Unreal. For me, unreal was a revolution. This is the perfect application, ergonomic and so powerful. So I hope this limitation will change a day …

Thanks again Epic for you incredible Engine.

This has also kept a lot of click bait garbage out of the App store. We’ve all seen horrible games launched. I’m not talking about poorly scripted or visual games, but non functional clones of ??? Every game engine has had their fair share of scammers. Apple is smart in using xcode as the only compiler for apple. Understand that anything goes with win32. Malware, keyloggers, geofencing, backdoors, camera access, and data theft. So each and everything you program into your game is seen, and reviewed by apple. Blackberry does a lot of work with this also, and they together have a much more secure ecosystem. I could see Epic making an game store in the near future. As they are a part of tencent which has a huge gaming presence in asia, and a well run store.

I’m not against this system for the release of an App. I think it’s a protection to all people who just want to put an App online ( a bad app ) just for money. And I have nothing about Xcode and the politic of Apple. My post speak ONLY about the TEST on device. The quality of certain app and games it’s very very horrible as you can see on Steam … And for this reason steam want to the dev pay for release his game. But in fact, I take my exemple, I work on a very awesome game. Since 3 years. Juste because I’m alone and I need to wait money for few things. And this system is horrible for people like me. For an App, there is not a big problem. I had learn and create my first App at 14 years old. Buy just 99$ for release it, each year and it’s very nothing face to the earnings. But when we speak of a game, this is totaly different. I just find it sad for just TEST an app on a Device. 99$ is a money that I could inject on my game before release it. So imagine, I spent 3 years of my life on working 16 hours by day 7 days by week. I spent lot of hundreds euros. And maybe I will be blocked because I must pay for release it on steam. So need to wait again, lost new features and ideas etc … ( We speak about 3000$ and less for certain dev.). So yes maybe this system will be great for poor games. But for people like me, who can revoluzionne a type of game, and who is held by money and time, it’s a little unfair. But here we don’t speak of this, not release, but just test. Bought an 2000$ PC. Bought an Macbook Pro 2000$. Buy an iPhone 1000$. And need to re-paid just for test on device while Apple remove this limitation, this is a little bit frustrating. But it’s the industry and I totaly understand it.
And I repeat, The goal of my post was not to criticize Epic Games who did and doing very very much for his communoty. I wanted only know why this limitation who have been removed by apple continu to exist on Engines.

Finally, I could never thank enough Epic Games to have bring to me weapons to create my awesome project.

And I’m an Apple Lover since my most tender childhood. Unreal Engine it’s the Mac OS of the game.
Ergonomic, powerful, fast, uncluttered and limitless !

People did accept to pay for it, the fee was kept as it is from the start.
They’d removed this fee had the masses voted against… I don’t know, for some people money is some kind of toy.

Money become toy when we have it !
Only people born poor and fighting every day can appreciate its true worth. With some exception.


It’s been a pit of a pain for myself not having a paid account and trying to test my game on my phone. It is possible without a paid account though and then when / if I’m ready to put it out there I can pay for the full account.

Yes it’s sad to can test an App but not an Game with free account. Personally I can’t work without test on device, because I realy need to test on device for have the real feeiling of my game. On for exemple my game is based on Accelerometer for the orientation of the camera. So without account, I can’t work. So I need to pay ^^. Hope quickly ^^