Why am I unable to rotate CameraComponent?


Trying to set the rotation of a CameraComponent that is attached to a SpringArmComponent.
The idea is to rotate the Spring Arm around it’s pivot and have the camera component attached to it that will always face the Spring Arm pivot.

The spring arm rotation is working fine, but I see no effect when trying to set the rotation of the camera.
Any idea why I see no change in the camera rotation?

// The spring rotation, around itself
FRotator SpringRotation = CameraSpringArmComponent->GetComponentRotation();
SpringRotation.Pitch += Val;

// We need to rotate the spring arm along the Y axis

// Make the camera look at the spring pivot
FRotator CameraRotation = (CameraComponent->GetComponentLocation() - CameraSpringArmComponent->GetComponentLocation()).Rotation();

The problem was bUseControllerViewRotation being true.

Hi neo. I just wanted to confirm that you had resolved the issue you were having. If so, please let me know and I will change this comment to an answer for this question.

Yes, please, feel free to close as Resolved. Thank you.