Why am I having issues with my lightmaps?

I am using a modular approach to construct levels within Unreal Engine, I am creating my 3D models in blender and exporting as FBX. The problem I am having is that when I build my in Unreal Engine the modular elements irregular shadows, I am sure this is something to do with my lightmaps but I am unsure what the issue is as I have followed countless tutorials, and searched through countless forums; yet still I am faced with this problem. I create the model’s UV maps, and lightmaps in Blender on separate maps and export using the settings as shown.


I then import the models into Unreal Engine using the settings as shown.

Once imported I add the materials and build the lighting and the following is the result.

Below is my texture UV.

Below is my lightmap.

The lighting I am using in the scene is a directional light, as well as a skylight. Any help is appreciated, I have been troubled with this issue for over a month now.